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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

TUSH magazine

photographer Mikael Shultz
source tfs


jennifer, said...

jävlar vad snyggt. kontrasterna är perfekta

Isabella said...

I love your inspirational photos and the people in them, like Katherine! Could you tell me what film you have used with your personal pics?


S.A.A. said...

Hey I love your blog and all of the photographs that you take so I decided to do a post on my blog about you and your blog, so you can go take a look if you like?

xo querido.

Fungus said...

only your name already says you must be an incredibly cool and inspiring person.and your blog confirms this
you rock!

Anonymous said...

Ni kommer in i faderns rike om ni blir USA propagandister
Rätten att bära vapen mänsklig rättighet
Bara skit i å betala skatt
Bara skjut
Politiker accepterar konsensus på sikt
Vänsterintellektuella= bara mörda packet
Allmän amnestilag
Skitsverige= bara skit i det (myndigheterna etc= bäst mordblomma) å satsa på competetive intelligence

Anonymous said...

who is the model on the picture?

Yulia said...

who did this hair?

Pari said...

jävla snyggt !!!!

Lissa said...

Hey! I've nominated you for the "I Like Your Blog" award because you really deserve it. Check out my blog for the details on what to do next!

Kaila said...

love this soo much!

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